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Elon Musk Welcomes Third Child with Neuralink Executive Shivon Zilis

Elon Musk quietly had a third child with Neuralink's Shivon Zilis, Bloomberg reported.

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Nvidia Market Cap Surpasses Entire Stock Markets of Germany and France

Nvidia even outperformed the equity market value of the United Kingdom in the past week.

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Elon Musk Reveals Affordable Starlink Mini Dish with First Images

Elon Musk has announced that the Mini dish will be released in the coming months, coinciding with the release of official images of the hardware within the Starlink app.

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Elon Musk demands Refund from Laid-Off Employees

X had already laid off a significant portion of its Australian workforce in January 2023.

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Accenture (ACN) Likely to Show Decrease in Earnings: What to Look Out for

Stay Informed About Accenture's Earnings Performance and Factors Influencing Its Results

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Harvard University Study Suggests extraterrestrials living secretly on earth

A study from Harvard University suggests that extraterrestrial beings might be living among us, potentially underground or on the Moon.

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Elon Musk’s X Company Implements Layoffs and Delays Promotions – report

X Company Faces Layoffs and Promotions Delay Amidst Challenges

Nadeem Ali Nadeem Ali

Red Lobster Faces Potential Closure of 135 Restaurants Amid Landlord Disputes

Seafood chain have already closed 93 restaurants, and has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last month.

Nadeem Ali Nadeem Ali

Exclusive Access: Apple Intelligence AI Features May Require a Waitlist

Apple Intelligence AI Features revolutionary AI capabilities have generated tremendous excitement among tech enthusiasts.

Nadeem Ali Nadeem Ali

Elon Musk has unusual relationships with female intern at SpaceX, WSJ reports

Allegedly, Elon Musk was involved in sexual relationships with a former intern and an employee. He reportedly expressed a desire for a third woman to bear his children.

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Constable Arrested and Suspended for Slapping Kangana Ranaut

Constable Kulwinder Kaur Allegedly Reacts to Kangana Ranaut Past Statement, Faces Consequences

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Sofia Firdous Creates History as the First Muslim Woman MLA in Odisha

This year, there were 78 Muslim candidates participating in the Lok Sabha

Saif Ali Saif Ali

Apple Plan to Introduce a dedicated Passwords App for iPhone and Mac Users

Apple's All-New Passwords App for Seamless Protection on iPhone and Mac

Nadeem Ali Nadeem Ali

Dhruv Rathee factor? YouTuber ruined BJP game in the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

Power of YouTubers in Shaping Political Narratives

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Syrian Man Arrested for Shooting Near US Embassy in Lebanon’s Capital

Lebanese police alleged the shooter was a delivery driver seeking revenge for

Shahe Umam Shahe Umam

Israel’s Supreme Court to Review Petitions Against Closure of Al Jazeera’s Office

Defending the Fourth Estate: Israel's Supreme Court Takes on Al Jazeera's Office

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Brands and Celebrities Fall Victim to Malicious Intrusion by TikTok Cyber-Attack

Defending Against Malicious Intrusion by TikTok Cyber-Attack

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Gaza is the Dreamers Graveyard

For many in Gaza, it's like living in a graveyard, where dreams are crushed by Israeli aggression.

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